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Mask/Foundtion brush

Welcome to the Top Quality Mask brush suppliers!

Shenzhen cosmetic appliances Co Ltd offering top quality mask foundation brushes at a wholesale price in China. From face mask brush and bowl to silicone mask brushes; we have all brushes for applying face mask that you’ve been looking for.

Purchasing wholesale cosmetic products from Shenzhen will give you a profitable business experience as you can most likely find everything that you want. Though you’ll found many facial mask brush suppliers online, but no one readily provide you product in greater quantity, and with good quality, whereas buying from Shenzhen can get you a far better experience.

Face mask brushes which are professionally shaped & crafted!

At Shenzhen Cosmetic appliance Co Ltd, you’ll discover chic and smooth foundation face mask brushes which are professionally shaped and crafted to use for specific applications. The inventive synthetic filaments allow perfect use of item very quickly and effectively.

Made with smooth gunmetal, all foundation mask brushes produced at Shenzhen are expert tools that profits perfect outcomes, whether used for beautifying cosmetic items or for skin-refining magnificence medicines.

Why buy from Shenzhen?

We are the reputable mask brush suppliers who provide products in wide stock to all retailers, consumers, and exporters around the world. Another reason to consider only our mask brushes for your business is, they are rich in variety of features including;

Features of Foundation face mask brushes

Our soothing mask brush is right-angled, and embrace contours of your face, and to get into every gap for even product application
It’s also equipped with handy mask removal set so you can get rid of any mess

We make our foundation brushes tend to be applicable for all kinds of masks; it comes with a durable handle, and soft tip make your masking process smooth